In 1989 Dmitry met Victor in the beautiful city of Leningrad. Not long after that they started rehearsing together. The name Rajfajh first appeared on January the 29th 1991, and that date became a birthday of the band. The founder of Rajfajh Dmitry experimented with sound till 1991 trying to create dark and noise compositions using tape players and other equipment which you could find at that time. These experimental recordings are now kept in the band's archives waiting to be digitalised. Nihilism and desperation is the main theme but there is an element of aggression. Historically apart from Experimental and Black Metal Rajfajh works in Grindcore style. The founding members of the group are Dmitry (voice, bass, guitars) and Victor (drums).

In order to find a unique sound the band experimented as much as possible everytime they played together. These experiments led to a mini-album "Happiness of a dead man" (1991). Later this album classified as Black Metal style. That`s why Rajfajh is the first band in Russia has recorded in Black Metal style in 1991. From 1991 to 1993 the band had been performed concert privatelly, and it was only in January 1994 when Rajfajh held their first solo concert.

During the spring/summer of 1996 Dmitry started working on an album named All That Is Human Is Alien (Black Metal). Same year St. Petersburg hosted a metal festival where Rajfajh was invited as the main band. There were 6 members represented Rajfajh on this concert. All of them wore Black Metal grim which was an unusual and exciting at the time.

After that Rajfajh received many request to perform, but Dmitry decided to slow down public events to concentrate on studio work. During that period he actively used electronics experimenting with heavy music. And led to the recording many albums. In 1999 Dmitry and Victor added another three members to the band; a bassist and two guitarists. The plan was to hold Black Metal gigs, but for various reasons this never came to reality.

In 2004 Dmitry decided to create a programme in the style of digital Grindcore, and so he gathered friends to form a new line up and revive gigging. The programme came up as a new album "Tetragrammaton". At the beginning 2005 Rajfajh started intense concert activity. In the spring of 2005 Dmitry and Victor decided to revive the old Black Metal programme for live performances; however the sudden death of Victor has interrupted these plans for many years.

In 2006 new guitarist Alisa was joined the band. In 2008 Dmitry and Alisa recorded a new concert program entitled "Cult of Cthulhu" and at the same time released a promo with the same title. During 2009-2012 the two piece band actively performed experimental material in different parts of Russia and Europe. In 2011 Rajfajh performed 'The Baltic' tour (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia) to celebrate the band's 20th anniversary and introduced their Cybergrind material. In 2012 "The True Nation" CD was released (black metal EP) and in 2013 a new drummer, Ilya, joined the band. With the line-up renewed, Rajfajh returns to its old black metal material while still exploring new work. In autumn 2013 released a full format CD "Cult Of Cthulhu" and a concert album "Voices Of Hell" in March 2014. The recording was made on the 28th of December 2013 at GEZ-21 club during the RECIPES OF ETERNITY V festival. The album contains Black Ambient, Noise, Dark Ambient and Drone styles.

Dmitry becomes a new drummer in the spring 2014. Now the band performs post-industrial and black metal. December 2014 Rajfajh have released Black Metal EP "Before The Crucial Battle".

Full history of RAjFAjH is coming soon.

Rajfajh members:

Alisa - guitars (keyboards)
Dmitry - voice, bass (electronics, programming drums, sound producing)
Dmitry - drums

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